The Boris Johnson comedy is over


Boris Johnson's comedy is over< /p>

The man who got on to the train of Brexit lies, because it was the shortest way to become prime minister, he has lost his job. He leaves a burning Conservative Party, and a disoriented country in a world in which the United Kingdom it has lost weight no matter how much Boris Johnson tries to stretch the illusion of an imperial past. The crisis comes at a dangerous time, with a war in Europe and signs that we are galloping into an economic recession.

It has been a life of deception capped by a pandemic lockdown. There are two categories, one strict for the majority and the other with privileges for him and his family. The scandal of the Downing Street parties has ended up bringing down the great escapist, the man whoalways got away with it. Despite the efforts of Tory leaders and deputies em>by distancing themselves from Johnson, most are complicit in his governance and policies.

Two and a half years ago, on December 12, 2019, the leader now in disgrace obtained 43.6% of the votes for his party, the most high from Margaret Thatcherin 1979, and 365 deputies from a chamber of 650. Those almost 14 million voters are also, in some way, co-responsible because they knew the character who was mayor of London between 2008 and 2016: ;gynous, racist, elitist, amoral and compulsive cheater.

Johnson is like his friend Donald Trump, an improviser who lacks political strategy and of beliefs beyond of himself same. He is an intuitive and intelligent hedonist, a smoke seller who abuses the histrionic staging of poker, whether he has cards or not.

English humor

His messy hair is part of his personality, and the costume. Although she is a sign that she should have alert about his character, he managed to place it within the codes of English humor. That's why it's fun: it's likeable and witty, and with a great classical culture. He is able to recite entire paragraphs of the Iliad in Ancient Greek from memory, something he often uses to impress.

He is leaving because he has run out of ministers and senior officials. More than 50 have resigned, including some of the newly appointed. The government has collapsed. There were two other options to get him out of Downing Street: a motion of censure in Parliament or a new internal vote of the MPs of his party. lost the one on June 6, despite winning it arithmetically 211 to 148. With a less bad result, Theresa Mayhe resigned. Instead, Johnson opted for curling up

He is a shellfish even in the midst of the sinking of the Titanic: announced on Thursday his immediate resignation as Conservative leader, but with the intention of continuing as Prime Minister until a replacement is appointed. He plays with the summer vacations to get to October, when he is & aacute; planned party conference from him. This deferred resignation to remain in the center of the picture for a few months has a problem: the tories want to replace him immediately.

The goal of the Conservatives is to avoid early elections , which would be disastrous, according to the polls. The results of re-elections in two key districts a few weeks ago were a severe setback. Right now, not even Johnson would be guaranteed to find him.

The majority system that governs the United Kingdom takes power away from the apparatuses because it is each deputy who must defend his position in the constituency in which he stands. Everyone has detected, because they meet their voters every week, that the feeling on the street is no longer that of December 2019. Now it is deep anger.

Broken country 

Labour is not reaping enough because its leader, Keir Starmer,he is almost as unpopular as Johnson, but for the opposite reasons: he is boring, he lacks speech. Nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn, who had a passionate speech, but anchored in the 1980s, when he fought against it. together with the miners against the ultraliberalism of Thatcher. Not even he was able to update himself to fight against the consequences of Thatcherism. Corbyn was an accomplice of the Brexiters. He did not face them. because he is another anti-European. The Liberal Democrats led by Ed Davey and the Scottish independentists led by Nicola Sturgeon rise.

British Conservatives can only produce supporters of Brexit: moderates who prefer to respect the agreement on the border of Northern Ireland or arsonists who propose to burn the ships. is At stake is the relationship with the EU and the future of the United Kingdom. It is not just Scotland, but also Northern Ireland that is slipping towards scenarios in which the unification of the island under the Government of Dublin is no longer nonsense. 

Johnson leaves behind a United Kingdom broken by the wound of Brexit, anchored in the longing for what they were, without deciding what they want to be. “If we start a dispute between the past and the present, we will discover that we have lost the future“, said Winston Churchill. There are ideas that are torches to get out of the cave. They just need a leader capable of wielding them.


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