The Boys: are other spin-offs in preparation?

The Boys: Are other spin-offs in the works?

Faced with the growing success of The Boys, could Amazon Prime Video be planning other spin-offs? A manager answers.

This is THE series not to be missed right now. While the Season 3 episodes haven't even finished releasing, fans are already asking for more! The Boys, is the story of a group of vigilantes who fight against superheroes. Hughie, Butcher, La Crème and Frenchie team up with Kimiko and Stella. The latter has just joined the Seven, the most famous group of superheroes in the world. However, the young girl quickly discovers behind the scenes, and decides to join Butcher's gang, which seeks to expose the bad sides of people with powers. The series is already renowned for being quite explicit, with gory scenes and sex scenes. In any case, it seems to please!

The audiences for the second season exploded all records, surprising the creators of the series. For the third season, currently being broadcast, they are still increasing, giving hope to Amazon Prime Video. Indeed, the platform has decided to launch a spin-off, Supe college. But faced with the impressive success of The Boys, Vernon Sanders has hinted at the possibility of producing other spin-offs in the future. The man at the head of Amazon's television department gave an interview recently for Deadline, and did not hesitate to please fans by talking about the possibilities available to them.

The impressive success of The Boys can open doors

Vernon Sanders says: “There are ideas behind the series we have . We don't want to go too fast. The launch of this season really blew us away. I wouldn't be surprised if you hear about a bit more, but for now we're focused on this next series. We want to be sure that we keep all our promises. And so far we are on the right track. In any case, we can say that fans of The Boys would be delighted to see other spin-offs coming. Indeed, given the growing success of the Amazon Prime Video series, this seems to be the logical next step. Fingers crossed!

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