The boy's reaction to a toy that can talk was caught on video


February 23, 2022, 16:11 | In the world

The child did not appreciate the mother's gift.

The boy's reaction to a toy that can to speak

When Matilda Agalliu bought her two-year-old son a new toy, she, of course, expected that little George would be happy, informs Ukr.Media.

The boy was indeed happy, and the soft animal seemed cute to him. But the young resident of Toronto (Canada) did not know about the main secret – the toy knew how to speak and repeat everything that was told to it. Realization of this fact frightened the child a lot, and, as often happens in such cases, everything ended in tears.

The audience was amused by the video clip taken by Matilda, the meaning of which some reduced to the phrase "it is necessary to warn". Yes, there are many things in our world that can seem scary to children. But that requires the acquisition of life experience to stop being afraid of everything in a row.


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