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The Boys review: here's what we thought of season 4

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After two long years of absence, the series The Boys is back on Amazon Prime Video. While the launch is scheduled for this Thursday, June 13, we had the opportunity to preview the first three episodes. Here is our guaranteed spoiler-free opinion on this flagship program of the streaming platform.

As a reminder, the third season left us with some big unresolved issues. We were indeed witnessing the rise to power of Victoria Neuman, a politician who secretly collaborates with Homelander. As for the Boys, they are torn, because Butcher (Karl Urban) does as he pleases. He put his life in danger by consuming compound V and his days are numbered… As we will have understood, the stakes are high for this season 4.

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The Boys review: here's what we thought of season 4

After these 24 months of absence, we are pleased to reunite with the fine Boys team in their daily life which has nothing to envy of the saga Mission Impossible with a zest of All Risk Agency. For his part, Homelander, more grotesque, powerful, and frightening than ever, is prey to his inner demons. He tries as best he can to ensure a destiny for his son whom he wants to educate in his image, but nothing is won.

The strength of the series has always resided in its actors who wonderfully embody a gallery of varied heroes with complex personalities. Season 4 confirms this trend and we feel they are perfectly at ease on screen. Special mention to Claudia Doumit in her role as Victoria Neuman, and to Karen Fukuhara in that of Kimiko Miyashiro. All the rest of the cast remains impeccable.

Faithful to its tradition, The Boystreats us to trashy scenes and some pretty crude language. Nothing unhealthy about it, and the Amazon Prime Video production has something to say or simply wants to make us laugh. However, we note that the parody of the world of entertainment through the Internet and television has a slight air of déjà vu compared to previous seasons. It also knows how to renew itself by introducing two complex protagonists that we will let you discover.

The fact that this season 4 falls a few months before a crucial presidential election is not insignificant in this respect. The series also has a very strong political aspect, and even begins in an election campaign atmosphere. The Boys has therefore lost none of its bite and depicts the cracks in America with the scathing humor that has characterized it since its beginnings. We want more.

The Boys review: here's what we thought of season 4

That's it! It's about time The Boys come back. After a third season which knocked us out technically and a spin-off which had no reason to be ashamed of its quality, we only had one thing to look forward to: discovering the season 4 of The Boys. This new burst of episodes is faithful to what the series has accustomed us to. Hemoglobin, truly dirty moments and violence galore, there is something to delight the fans.

If the first episode doesn't start as strong as the previous seasons, it's still a pleasure to find the Boys, definitely ready to do battle with the superheroes of Vought International. The stakes are higher than ever and the suspense is at its height. This start of the fourth season offers us our share of surprises and onomatopoeia, and a few awkward laughs.

As with previous seasons, season 4 of The Boys shines with its impeccable casting. Antony Starr appears more vulnerable and pathetic than ever in the role of the Protector, and this is not to displease us. The plot, more fashionable than ever, is also perfect to keep us in suspense. In short, the recipe still works just as well and we are waiting for the rest now. Can't wait for next week!

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