The brakes did not work: in China, Tesla staged a fatal accident at high speed (video)

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  • Brakes didn't work: in China, Tesla made a fatal accident at high speed (video)

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  • Brakes Failed: Tesla Causes Fatal High Speed ​​Crash in China (Video)

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  • Brakes Failed: Tesla Causes Fatal Accident at High Speed ​​in China (Video)

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  • Brakes Failed: Tesla Caused Fatal High Speed ​​Crash in China (Video)

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Brakes didn't work: Tesla caused a fatal accident at high speed in China (video)

Elon Musk's corporation promised to assist the Chinese police in every possible way in investigating the accident involving the Model-Y electric car.< /p> Related video

In the Chinese city of Chaozhou, Guangdong province, there was a fatal accident involving a Tesla car. Probably due to a malfunction in the system, the car accelerated to 150 kilometers per hour, colliding with motorcycles and bicycles that were on the way, because of which two people were killed and three more were injured. The Global Times writes about this.

According to journalists, the accident occurred on November 5, when a 55-year-old Tesla driver named Zhang tried to stop a Model-Y car, but the car lost control and drove at high speed for two kilometers. The local police ruled out the possibility that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Journalists, citing the traffic police, said that the cause of the incident was not established, and an unnamed member of the driver's family indicated that his relative had problems with the brake pedal when he tried to stop near the store.

In turn, the American Tesla said it will help the Chinese police investigate the accident

“The police are currently looking for a third-party assessment agency to establish the truth about this accident, and we will actively provide any assistance necessary,” the electric vehicle manufacturer said, urging don't believe the crash rumors.

Tesla noted that surveillance videos confirmed that the car's brake lights weren't on when the car was moving at high speed, and that its data showed issues such as a lack of brake action throughout the vehicle's journey.

China is the second largest market for Tesla, and the accident has been one of the most popular topics on the social media platform. on Weibo on Sunday, Reuters writes.