The breakfast's most popular duo might not exist. Marcin Prokop recalls how they wanted to assign him another leader instead of Dorota Wellman

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The beloved couple may not have been running the breakfast program together at all.

 The most popular breakfast duo m & oacute; gl does not exist. Marcin Prokop mentions how they wanted to assign him another leader instead of Dorota Wellman

Marcin Prokop and Dorota Wellman are a beloved duo of hosts & ldquo; Dzień Dobry TVN & rdquo ;. As it turns out, however, journalists almost didn't work together.

Portal & ldquo; Gossip & rdquo; reports that the situation occurred in 2007 when they both switched from & ldquo; Questions for breakfast & rdquo; TVP 2 to the competitive TVN program. Back then, the new bosses had an idea to give them new pair leads.

“Even though we came as a couple, there were various attempts to connect us with other partners. These attempts would come to naught. After looking at all the tapes, it turned out that we fit together best. And for 25 years we have been together and nothing will separate us & rdquo; & ndash; revealed by Marcin Prokop.

The journalist recalls that he underwent screen trials with Jolanta Pieńkowska and Magda Mołek. Although he has a lot of sympathy for them, at the time he knew them poorly on the screen, there was no spark between them, which is why in the program he created a pair with his current partner.

Marcin Prokop admits that he is very pleased with such a turnover matters because his duet with Dorota Wellman is indestructible thanks to the fact that they are also friends outside of work. Viewers will sense it too and thanks to that they have much more sympathy for them.

You can imagine Marcin Prokop and Dorota Wellman running & ldquo; Dzień Dobry TVN & rdquo; with someone else?

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