The bride almost died of fright when the guy proposed to her during the “armed robbery”

Невеста чуть не умерла от страха, когда парень сделал ей предложение во время «вооруженного ограбления»

The bride almost died of fright when the guy proposed to her during the “armed robbery” Author: Anastasiya Bielski Boston video US news

There is no better way to say “I love you” than making your girl think she’s going to kill you. In any case, it is so clearly considered anonymous a resident of Boston, who came up with an unconventional way to make a sweetheart offer — with a fake armed robbery.

Surveillance cameras in the store, where there was a strange incident, captured as a couple paying for purchase, when breaks “robber”. Pseudo-attacker has his hand in his pocket, which seems like it’s got the gun. Looked around, he approaches the pair and asks if they have children. In response, the bride begins to cry, and the groom says that they have three children — but, alas, they are still not married.

“What do you mean, not married?”, — outraged the robber, then suddenly pulls out from his pocket a box with a wedding ring and gives it to the man.

Then the groom goes down on one knee in front of his shocked girlfriend and asked her if she would marry him. Surprisingly, instead of throwing a purchase in my future husband and run out of the store, she manages to calm down and even says “Yes”. Let’s be honest: not everyone would give such a response in her place.

Soon, the man posted a video in which he said that from the beginning I wanted to make a “custom” offer, and even thought to enlist the help of the police to arrange a fake arrest of newly bride. The authorities wisely refused to participate in this venture and had to be content with little.

According to the groom, he quickly realized that made the mistake of exposing his beloved to such a huge stress. In the end, he decided to apologize by making another offer, but this time in a traditional style.

“Dear, — he says in the end of the video — I want you to know that I love you very much, and understand that you deserve better. I hope you like it, and it is unlikely that our relationship will survive the third.”

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