The Bridgerton Chronicle: the return of an emblematic character in season 3?

The Bridgerton Chronicle: the return of an emblematic character in season 3?

Adjoa Andoh, aka Lady Danbury, who teased the potential return of a character in an interview. A return that could sow discord in the future third season of The Bridgerton Chronicle.

Huge success of the Netflix platform, The Bridgerton Chronicle, broadcast since December 2020, will be entitled to its third season. Alright, that's not a scoop. Especially for die-hard fans of this sentimental period series. But did you know that an iconic character could make a comeback? Yes, yes, yes. Lady Danbury, or rather her interpreter, Adjoa Andoh, gave some mysterious confidences during an interview about the series. In particular this unexpected comeback which could wreak havoc between the characters in this future third season.

There will be the return of a character who is tied to another character's past. And it will be exhilarating. There will be more complicated relationships”, teases the actress. But who would be back in season 3? Mystery and gumdrop. Adjoa Andoh did not divulge more information on the identity of this person back within the Bridgertosn. In its third season, the series will focus on Bridgerton's third son, Colin, and his romantic relationship with the third daughter of the Featherington family, Penelope. Nevertheless, fans already have their theories as to the return of this mystery character.

Mystery guest

Many Internet users believe that he This is Siena Rosso, played on screen by Sabrina Bartlett, this opera singer who has a crush on Anthony Bridgerton. His mistress, in other words. Siena is one of the notable absentees from the second season of The Bridgerton Chronicle. If Sienna returns to the game, it could completely upset the romantic relationship between Anthony and Kate (camped by Simone Ashley). Everything is possible but nothing is less certain. The Bridgerton Chronicle season 3 should be released in 2023. It has been filming since spring 2022. A fourth season has already been ordered by Netflix. That's a pretty good sign.

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