The British army is testing a new jetpack for its soldiers

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The company Gravity industries has just made a new demonstration of its jetpack with the British army.

L 'British Army tests a new jetpack for its soldiers' /></p><p>The British Army has just released a video of one of its soldiers testing the company's latest jetpack prototype in the open sea Gravity Industries. This machine should allow, according to the English armed forces, to approach and mount stealthily on suspicious ships.</p><p>In order to carry out this test, the British Navy explains that it went to sea for three days with the company's engineers. The idea was above all to learn how to use this jetpack. “The objective is to provide extremely quick access to any part of the target vessel, instantly freeing the hands to carry a weapon, and while retaining the ability to move onto the target or s 'self-exfiltrate </em>” details the firm in a press release.</p><h2>A super fast jetpack with five engines</h2><p>Technically the structure invented by Gravity Industries is based on a dorsal engine capable of propelling the pilot with a force of 1000 horsepower. In order to direct itself perfectly, it has four small jet engines in the forearms.</p><p>This isn't the first time that Gravity Industries has been talked about like this. In 2019 the company had already caused a sensation by crossing Brighton Bay at a speed of over 130 km/h. It was then the brand's founder, Richard Browning, who was at the controls of the machine.</p><p><center></p><blockquote class=

The British Royal Navy using jet suits to fly around the HMS Queen Elizabeth in New York Harbor

— Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) October 8, 2022

In the two videos shared by the British Navy, the soldier can be seen reaching the target ship from a small inflatable boat. Another crucial point for the British army, the level of size of such a device.

In the videos the soldier does not seem to be unduly bothered by his equipment. He manages to fit a rope ladder to the side of the ship and draw a handgun to secure the area. According to figures provided by the company, the jetpack is capable of reaching 130 km/h.

The jetpack: the perfect solution for stealth flights?< /h2>

It could even climb up to 3600 meters in altitude, which multiplies the fields of action. A real revolution in the world of armaments, many nations are spending colossal sums to produce their own jetpacks. This is the case on the other side of the Channel, the United Kingdom does not hesitate to show its progress in videos on social networks.

Among the large companies present in this very young field Jetpack Aviation is one of the most advanced start-ups. Founded in 2016, it has already succeeded in several demonstrations and intends to market a “flying motorcycle” in the coming months.

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