The Cabinet of Curiosities: Netflix unveils the trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's horror series

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Netflix has revealed the trailer for Guillermo del Toro's new horror series, Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities.

Horror or suspense-type anthology series have multiplied since the famous Fourth Dimension by Rod Sterling or Alfred Hitchcock presents. We will do without the one dedicated to the famous Freddy to better remember the Masters of Horror, produced by the big names in the profession in the heart of the 2000s. Since then, Black Mirror and American Horror Stories have taken up the torch passed on by their elders, with varying degrees of success.

Just after the triumph of The Shape of Water at the Oscars in 2018, Guillermo Del Toro announced the production of a series for Netflix, in the vein of the programs mentioned. During the same occasion, he had confirmed his status as supervisor and screenwriter. After a long period without news, Netflix has just released the official trailer for this series: The Cabinet of Curiosities of Guillermo Del Toro.

A trailer that promises a terrifying spectacle, due both to the slightly ostentatious effects linked to the genre and to the atmosphere displayed in these first images. At first glance, Guillermo Del Toro seems to convey his love for film noir as much as for Howard Philip Lovecraft in each episode.writer versed in fantasy literature. A murky and unhealthy atmosphere emanates from each shot on the screen, while places and eras are traversed at high speed.

Like 'Alfred Hitchcock, Guillermo Del Toro invites us into his world, a nightmarish universe, populated by mysteries, specters and infernal monsters. The closet we refused to open as children lives here in the depths of our minds. Stepping inside will induce a journey of no return to the viewer's delight and dread.

The tension rises crescendo in this trailer as seemingly gullible characters and disturbing figures intersect in each shot. Piqued by curiosity like the protagonists, we desire to know the truth… with the only reward being the purest terror. Ruper Grint or Tim Blake Nelson risk paying the price for this curiosity. The concept of the unspeakable, dear to Lovecraft, hovers over every scene of this trailer.

Guillermo Del Toro who had to bounce back from the failure at the box- office of his yet successful Nightmare Alley, promises with this trailer, a show worthy of his talent as a storyteller. Even if he doesn't realize, his influence is felt throughout the trailer. So go to Netflix to discover The Cabinet of Curiosities of Guillermo Del Toro from October 25th. An outing that will perfectly coincide with the Halloween period.

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