The Cabinet of Curiosities season 2: Guillermo del Toro wants heavy stuff for the sequel on Netflix

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After the first season of Cabinet of Curiosities on Netflix, Guillermo del Toro already has in mind a list of directors he would like for the continued.

With the excellent Nightmare Alley at the start of the year and the very promising Pinocchio who arrives to close it, Guillermo del Toro hit hard in 2022. A return with a bang, five years after The Shape of Water, which made us very happy, especially since the filmmaker Mexican didn't stop at directing. On the occasion of Halloween, the very successful series The Cabinet of Curiosities landed on Netflix, offering eight fantastic and original stories, in an anthology format.

At the origin of the project, Del Toro decided to play Rod Serling (creator of The Fourth Dimension) to present each story and each time offer the unique vision of a different filmmaker. An exercise in style that will also have divided since, in fact, this approach makes the series quite uneven from one episode to another. Nevertheless, the company has not remained less stimulating and enjoyable, enough to make us want to see more each year. And that's good, that's precisely what Del Toro also wants!

In an interview with IndieWire, the director spoke about his particular commitment to promote other talented artists of the seventh art. The anthology series has thus been for him the ideal medium to highlight as much as possible:

My entire career, from its infancy, has been devoted to supporting my community. The more resources we have, the more we can support others. So I was able to support Jorge Gutierrez with his Legend of Manolo, Andrés Muschietti with his Mama and Juan Antonio Bayona with The Orphanage. But with an anthology, I can be behind eight directors at a time. Even if you disagree with me – and you can – I will give you all the support I can so that you can create your hour-long work in the best possible conditions.

A company so optimal for the filmmaker that he already seems to be thinking about the next season of the Cabinet of Curiosities. Still writing some episodes on his own, he will still systematically leave the staging to other talents. And Del Toro already has several new names in mind:

“I have a list. For example, we tried to get Gyro Bustamente [director of La Llorona, ndlr] before, but he couldn't because of the Covid. When you think of Mexican directors, there are Issa Lopez [director of They're coming back…, editor's note]. She had to direct an episode when she suddenly had True Detective to do. Boots Riley [director of Sorry to Bother You, editor's note] also had to take care of a another, but his series was validated at the same time. I could reveal names for you for the whole second season, but I will not.”

Despite his precautions, the filmmaker however did not stop his enumeration here, not moderating his enthusiasm:

“Larry Fessenden is 100% top of my list. I used to fight at the Spirit Awards to get nominated with his Habit, which I think was phenomenal.”

In short, Guillermo del Toro is already sure to surround himself well for the rest of his series, all the names mentioned being indeed filmmakers as promising as they are exciting. Unless the Mexican is forced to find other names if they are too busy with the current project. In any case, even if a second season has not been formalized by Netflix, it has enough to make our mouths water for the sequel to the little workshop of horrors, style Tales from the Crypt modern. Fingers crossed for next Halloween.

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