The Calgary Stampede, an economic windfall for local businesses


The Calgary Stampede, an economic windfall for local businesses

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">The exceptional influx of visitors to the Stampede benefits local businesses, whose turnover increases considerably.

Much more than 10 days of festivities, the Calgary Stampede is also an opportunity for many businesses to achieve sales figures that they would not have been able to achieve in normal times, thanks in particular to the exceptional traffic generated by this flagship event. of the city of the Rockies.

Many merchants are rubbing their hands during the Calgary Stampede which, nearly a week after its official opening, has already welcomed more than 760,000 visitors.

L&#x27 ;event is a godsend for businesses that do good business on this occasion.

This is the case of the bar-restaurant Bottlescrew Bill's Pub, which manages to double its clientele during the event from 700 customers to 1500, as explained by Megan West who works there as a waitress. .

Its owner and manager, Geoff Allan, says it allows the business to achieve sales during the Stampede that it normally would in two months.

Calgary Chamber of Commerce President Deborah Yedlin points out that the influx of local visitors and tourists from elsewhere greatly benefits hoteliers and restaurateurs.

Hotels and restaurants are overwhelmed, taxi and Uber drivers are working tirelessly, and footfall in the city center is exceeding expectations, she notes.

According to organizers predict that the 10 days of the Stampede can generate up to $540 million in economic benefits in the province.

The Stampede also helps recruit new employees.

Geoff Allan says that his bar and restaurant employs up to 100 people during the Stampede, while they are usually 40 people working there the rest of the year .

Furthermore, according to a tally by the Calgary Downtown Association (CDA), pedestrian traffic at Stephen Avenue has increased by more than 50%. According to the association, this proves that the Stampede plays an important role in the animation and economic vitality of downtown Calgary.

With information from Marc -Antoine Leblanc


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