The Canadian aerospace industry is banking on green technologies


Industry Canadian aeronautics relies on green technologies

A Boeing 777X takes off at the Farnborough Airshow. Representatives of 80 Canadian companies are present at the show, and 25 of them have a booth on site.

The Canadian aerospace industry can differentiate itself through the development of technologies green, believes the Minister for Innovation, Science and Industry, François-Philippe Champagne, who is attending the Farnborough Airshow in the United Kingdom.

“I want the entire aerospace industry to recognize Canada as a green supplier of choice to the industry,” the minister said in a telephone interview. I think we all have a mission to green supply chains. »

— François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

In this regard, Quebec is a leader in the industry, said the Minister. Soon, we will be able to make green aluminum, green steel, he lists. We are developing technologies that will allow us to develop new materials that are lighter. Also, we are developing different alternatives in biofuels, even see hydrogen.

This promotion of Canada's green potential comes as the UK experiences a record heat wave, with the mercury hovering around 40 degrees Celsius and the environmental footprint of aviation becoming a hot topic. .

Industry advocates highlight efforts to reduce emissions, while critics question the relevance of air travel in a context of the fight against climate change.

Although the sector's emissions remain modest, representing around 3% of the global total, the number of air travelers remains confined to a small pool of the world's population. When looking at the environmental impact for a single person, a plane flight becomes more important.

Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, François-Philippe Champagne, wants Canada to become a green supplier to the aerospace industry (Archives).

Large multinational aerospace companies are increasingly receptive to the imperative to reduce their carbon emissions, Champagne notes. We are talking about an aviation that will be more sustainable. It's clearly in everyone's head. People want to save fuel first and the way to do that is with technologies, and I think everyone wants aviation that is more sustainable for decades to come. And that positions Canada very well.

An example of the intentions of a multinational that has an impact in Canada: the French multinational Airbus, which assembles the A220 aircraft in Mirabel, in the Laurentians, aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. The& #x27;last year, it joined a group of Quebec companies within the SAF+ Consortium to produce biofuel in Montreal.

Le Salon Farnborough Air Show, which is held every two years in even years, is back after being canceled in 2020. For its part, the Paris Air Show in France, which takes place in odd years, was canceled in 2021 .

The return of Farnborough therefore marks the first high mass of aviation since Le Bourget in 2019. Besides Canada, attention will turn to the announcements of the two rivals Boeing and Airbus, at a time when the The airline industry appears to be showing signs of recovery, despite airport disruptions, supply chain difficulties and fears of a possible recession.

Airbus had previously indicated that it foresees a need for 39,500 new aircraft over the next 20 years. Boeing, for its part, believes that the number of aircraft will increase by 82%, again over the next 20 years.

Representatives from more than 80 Canadian companies, including 25 have a booth on site, are present at the Farnborough Airshow.

Being able to interact with the big players in the industry makes a difference for Canadian companies, believes Mr. Champagne, who will meet with executives from Airbus, Boeing, De Havilland and Mitsubishi, among others.

“It makes all the difference. This is an opportunity to strengthen these relationships between Canadian companies and the various players in the industry. »

— François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

The event should generate its share of #x27;ads. Montreal-based pilot and simulator training specialist CAE is due to make an announcement on Tuesday. Minister Champagne didn't want to go too far into the number of potential announcements to be expected during the event.

There has more that are in preparation for announcements. You know: the best time to announce it is a business decision. It's mostly up to companies to decide what's the best time. The Show is a good time to advertise, but some companies prefer to do it at another time.


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