“The capital of dismemberment”: a bag with cut off female legs was found in St. Petersburg

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According to preliminary data, fragments of the female body were in the water for up to two weeks. The identity of the victim, as well as the details of the incident, are being established.

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In St. Petersburg, near the Izhora pond in the suburban Kolpinsky district, a terrible find was discovered – during the cleaning of the territory, a black bag was found, inside of which lay the cut off legs of a woman. This is reported by the publication “KP-Petersburg”.

The remains were found by employees of the city ecological enterprise “Ekostroy”, which, among other things, are engaged in cleaning rivers, canals and other reservoirs. They immediately reported their find to the police.

“At 12:27, the police received a message that during the cleaning of the Izhora pond in the city of Kolpino, a black bag containing fragments of female legs was removed from the water,” the report says.

The security forces, investigators and forensic experts immediately left for the scene. Criminologists determined that the bag with fragments of the female body stayed in the water for up to two weeks. After a preliminary examination, the remains were sent to the mortuary for a more thorough examination.

It is reported that the rest of the woman's body is looking for the police, who will also try to identify the victim. On the fact of the incident, the Main Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for St. Petersburg opened a murder case.

How “Dismemberment City” appeared in Russia

The article of the Russian newspaper “Vzglyad” tells how the city on the Neva became the “capital of dismemberment”. Some locals dubbed their city “Raschengrad”, as a sensational murder of St. Petersburg State University graduate student Nastya Yeshchenko by the famous historian Oleg Sokolov took place in St. Petersburg.

Observers note that such crimes occur in many Russian cities, but it is in St. Petersburg, which has a “spectacular” criminal heritage, that high-profile crimes immediately scatter into memes.

The picture is supplemented by media reports, the presence of many reservoirs, where you can cover up traces of crimes and thick walls of city buildings through which it is difficult to hear anything.

“Behind the wall they can have a party or scandal, play ping-pong, shoot or dismember – the neighbors will not hear”, observers note.

The material also says that St. Petersburg was informally called the criminal capital. There is an opinion that the “cultural” version was invented and replicated by political technologists in the governorship of Valentina Matviyenko. Now the reputation of the city is acquiring new shades – guests of the northern capital of the Russian Federation post photos on social networks, sign it only as “I arrived in the capital of dismemberment” and receive comments in response: “Something you are suspiciously intact!ʼ