The CAQ defends itself against criticism of its election advertising


The CAQ defends itself against criticism aimed at its election advertising

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">The use of the testimony of a lady in her 80s in a CAQ advertisement has caused a strong reaction for several days.

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) defends itself from x27;having taken advantage of anyone following accusations of underpaying a woman who appeared widely in television commercials.

The CAQ has come under heavy criticism on social media for a series of short television and online ads, featuring a Mauricie woman praising the party and its leader, Prime Minister François Legault.

The woman's daughter, Chantal Landry, author of an open letter published in Le Devoir on Saturday, pointed out that the family thought the interview would be part of a video series of regular voters and not that it would be the centerpiece of a political ad, adding that his mother was only paid $250.

If the Lady shows any discomfort, we will find a solution that will be satisfactory for her and her family, wrote the director general of the CAQ, Brigitte Legault, in a statement published Monday.

Opposition parties demanded the CAQ remove the ad, pay the woman more for using her image, and apologize to the family.

Already questioned during a 2018 vox pop that had been used in commercials, the woman was contacted by the CAQ to find out what she thought four years later and because she had us touched in 2018, by her unusual verve, her expressiveness and her kindness.

Ms. Legault says that after accepting a new interview, she refused to be compensated. The production team still insisted on paying her $250 per video broadcast, which she finally accepted.

She finally accepted and will have received $500 in total. It was always clear that the interview would be used in advertising, wrote Ms. Legault.

The executive director adds that the advertisement in question was entirely paid for by the Future Coalition Quebec, the party and with no connection to the government.

The ad was scheduled to stop running last week, which it did, added the CAQ.

Quebec general elections are scheduled for October 3.


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