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 The CAQ transmits its press lines to journalists by mistake

Adrian Wyld The Canadian Press In a message which was supposed to contain the names of the press officers, the CAQ media relations coordinator instead relayed what ministers had to repeat to journalists throughout the day.

The Legault government inadvertently sent journalists its press lines for Wednesday.

In a message that was supposed to contain the names of the press attachés, media relations coordinator Alice Bergeron instead conveyed what the ministers had to repeat to journalists throughout the day.


For example, if journalists asked to know if Quebec was heading towards a period of budgetary austerity, the ministers had to respond:

– “What the Minister of Finance presented yesterday is an update (economic) prudent and responsible for public finances. »

– “Quebec's situation is no different from that of other economies: the slowdown is harming the financial room for maneuver of citizens, businesses and governments. We have to be careful. »

– “Now, the minister has been very clear: we will never cut state missions or services to citizens. »

– “Moreover, yesterday he announced a total envelope of $4.3 billion to respond to the priorities of Quebecers. This is without counting the $2 billion annually that will be used to protect the purchasing power of Quebecers. »

If journalists were to raise the question of Quebec content in the battery sector, again, the ministers had their answer ready:

– “Northvolt and other companies have chosen Quebec, particularly for our supply chain, and we are proud of it. »

– “I remind you, our strategy is to provide Quebec with a complete sector: from the exploration of our minerals, to their extraction, to their production, to the battery, then recycling. »

– “For one of the rare times in Quebec, we will transform and create added value to our natural resources before exporting them. »

– “The battery industry will transform our economy. »

Finally, regarding the tramway and the meeting scheduled for Wednesday with the mayor of Quebec Bruno Marchand, we had to limit ourselves to saying:

– “As always, we want to work in collaboration with the city and the federal government to provide Quebec with a structuring public transportation project. »

– “In the current economic situation, we need to sit down and look at what our options are. This is the responsible thing to do. »

In the press scrum on Wednesday morning, Prime Minister François Legault chose to laugh about it. “Since you had a line, I don’t need to answer you,” he said with a smile.

“It looks like those are my lines!” », Exclaimed earlier the minister responsible for the National Capital, Jonatan Julien, when questioned about the tramway.

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