The CAQ promises to expand Parc national du Mont-Orford

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The CAQ promises to expand Parc national du Mont-Orford

Gilles Bélanger, candidate for the Coalition avenir Québec, in Orford, and Caroline St-Hilaire, candidate for the Coalition avenir Québec, in Sherbrooke.

The Coalition Avenir Québec announced on Saturday that a future CAQ government would expand Mont-Orford National Park by 44 square kilometers, to reach a total area of ​​105 square kilometers.

The candidates from Orford, Gilles Bélanger, and Sherbrooke, Caroline St-Hilaire, made this promise, while participating in the Grande coulée beer festival, on the Estrie mountain.

According to the candidates, this expansion would be possible thanks to the annexation of land located in the municipalities of Racine, Saint-Denis-de-Brompton, Orford Township and Melbourne Township. This expansion project is not new, as explained by outgoing MP for Orford, Gilles Bélanger.

It was already announced, but it was never realized. Since 2006, there were intentions to expand Mont-Orford Park, and now we are realizing it. Then, in addition to carrying out this expansion, we will allow citizens to access Mont-Orford Park, these spaces. We have money. You all know alpine hiking, mountain biking!

The Mont-Orford National Park expansion project was launched more than fifteen years ago, with ” the Mont-Orford saga”, when the former Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, wanted to privatize part of the park.

Note that the land targeted by the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks are still not acquired and the public consultations which were to take place in 2022 have been postponed.

This announcement is part of a $538 million investment project, presented by the head of the CAQ, François Legault, while he was visiting Parc national du Bic, in the Lower -Saint-Laurent.

This investment includes measures to improve access to nature in all regions of the province. Among these measures, the municipalities would share a sum of 150 million dollars to enhance their green spaces and improve access to their water points.

La CAQ candidate, Caroline St-Hilaire, promises that the City of Sherbrooke will be able to take advantage of this new money, if elected on October 3.

It must be done with the municipalities. We heard them tell us that they lacked means. These sums can be used to acquire land to transform it into green spaces, to develop shorelines, to create beaches or to develop pavilions, chalets, or even changing rooms. So this new investment that we are announcing could also be useful for reclaiming the banks of the Saint-François River, in downtown Sherbrooke, for example. It comes at a good time for Sherbrooke, which is in the process of developing its nature plan.

In total, the Coalition Avenir Québec wishes to use this investment of $538 million to expand five existing national parks, including Bic, Mont-Orford, Plaisance (located in the Outaouais), Îles-de-Boucherville, and Mont-Saint-Bruno.

Not to mention the creation of three new national parks, including one in Dunes-de-Tadoussac, one in Côte-de-Charlevoix, and one in Nibiischii Park, located in the Nord-du -Québec.

With information from Alexis Tremblay

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