The CAQ says it is ready to legislate quickly on the oath to the king

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The CAQ says it is ready to quickly legislate on the oath to the king

The deputies of Québec solidaire and the Parti québécois refuse to pledge allegiance to King Charles III.

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) by François Legault says it is ready to legislate “quickly” to make the oath to the king optional for deputies.

To resolve the situation […] the government is ready to move [forward] quickly with the tabling of a bill, declared Wednesday in a press scrum the parliamentary leader of the CAQ, Simon Jolin-Barrette.

The 11 deputies of Québec solidaire and the three deputies of the Parti québécois refused last month to take the oath of King Charles III, deeming the practice archaic and humiliating.

Under the Act respecting the National Assembly, elected officials must take this oath to the people of Quebec. They must also swear allegiance to the British king, under the Canadian Constitution Act.

The PQ demanded the adoption of a motion giving them all of even the right to sit in Parliament.

However, in an unexpected decision handed down on Tuesday, the outgoing president of the National Assembly, François Paradis, ruled: the oath to the king is compulsory and only a bill could abolish it.

< p class="e-p">Rebel deputies from QS and PQ will be expelled by the Sergeant-at-Arms if they try to enter the Blue Room without having first taken this oath, it was said. he warned.

PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon was surprised on Wednesday that Mr. Paradis, who is no longer an elected official, decided on his own to intervene in the political debate.

< p class="e-p">He said it was not excluded that the three PQ deputies risk expulsion on November 29. It's a safe bet that such a gesture would make headlines all over the world.

Lying and perjuring myself as a first act as an elected official is repugnant to me. Swearing allegiance to representatives of the Anglican Church is repugnant to me. I do not intend to take the oath, insisted Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon.

For his part, the parliamentary leader of QS, Alexandre Leduc, said he trusted Mr. Jolin-Barrette for the future.

The fact that he announces that, that it would be a quick deposit too, I understand that it would be in the first weeks of opening, this is a new, important item that needs to be reported to my caucus, he said.

I hope it doesn' x27;there is no ambiguity: we want to go and […] sit, added Mr. Leduc. However, he asks the CAQ to specify when it intends to table its bill.

QS had introduced a bill in 2019 to make the oath to the Queen optional. The CAQ only called him at the very end of the last parliamentary session. Blocked by the Liberals, the bill died on the order paper.

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