The catastrophic floods in Kentucky already leave 25 dead and tens of thousands affected

  • Among the dead are at least six children, according to local media reports

The catastrophic floods in Kentucky already leave 25 dead and tens of thousands affected

Kentucky lives in these daysone of the “most devastating floods in its history”. After a week of torrential rains that have devastated several counties in the state, local authorities estimate that there are already >At least 25 fatalities and tens of thousands affected by these extreme rainfall events. Among the dead areat least six children, including one a year old, according to local media reports. As explained by the state governor, Andy Beshear, the death toll could even double over the weekend as rescue operations continue.

The Kentucky flood has been defined as “the worst disaster of this type in recent decades“. After hours of intense torrential rains, the avalanche of water has caused flooding, landslides and damage to roads and infrastructure. Last night alone, it is estimated that a total of 17,000 homes and businesses were left in darkness this past night, according to data from the portal.

Catastrophe situation

President Joe Bidenhas declared a “situation of catastrophe” and hasordered “federal aid”to facilitate rescue and recovery efforts. Breaitt, Clay, Floyd, Johnson, Knott, Leslie, Letcher, Magoffin, Martin, Owsley, Perry, Pike and Wolfe counties have been the most affected by these floods and will be the first to receive federal aid corresponding to this declaration. Rescue efforts, CNN reports, have been hampered due to constant power outages that began Wednesday, at the beginning of the floods, and have continued until this morning.

Kentucky becomes like this It was the scene of its second climatic catastrophe in just over seven months, after the wave of tornadoes that swept the country. He passed the state in December of last year and left the state. at least 74 dead. The scientific community warns that, as the climate crisis progresses, this type of extreme weather events will become more frequent and more intense.


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