The cause of death of Myles Sanderson still unknown to the police | Knife attacks in Saskatchewan

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Myles Sanderson's cause of death still unknown to police | Knife attacks in Saskatchewan

Rhonda Blackmore is asking the public not to speculate on the cause of death until the inquest is complete. (archive)

The cause of death of Myles Sanderson, the main suspect in the September 4 stabbing attacks, remains unknown at this time, says the assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) of Saskatchewan, Rhonda Blackmore.

It would be irresponsible to speculate and undermine the independent investigation being conducted by the Saskatoon Police Service and Saskatchewan's Serious Incident Response Team, she wrote in a press release.


Ms Blackmore says it's important to wait until the investigation is complete before making a statement on this.

I ask you to remind you all that this is not a TV show where we will have all the answers by the end of the episode, she said.

“Complex investigations of this nature take time. »

— Rhonda Blackmore, Assistant Commissioner of the Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Assistant Commissioner says the investigation into the attacks is still ongoing and the RCMP's priority is to communicate the information to the families of the victims before passing it on to the general public.

She added that she visited the James Smith Cree Nation twice last week.

The impact on the community cannot be underestimated, says Blackmore. I was amazed by the resilience, compassion and generosity I observed in the residents.

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