The Cavaliers make the return of Ricky Rubio official


The Cavaliers make the return of Ricky Rubio official

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made it official the return of Ricky Rubio. The point guard from El Masnou, who is still recovering from his serious knee injury, will sign a contract. for three seasons for the Cavs, the team in which he began his career. The season before being traded in the February window to the Indiana Pacers, when he was already out.

The Cavs have also announced the arrival of the Brazilian point guard Raul Neto, who has played the last season with the Wizards, and center Robin López, from the Orlando Magic.

Ricky will be there. far from the figures he achieved. In his previous contract with the Phoenix Suns, around 51 million dollars for three seasons, although according to information from Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, it will be more than $51 million. around 18.4 million dollars.


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