The center-left bloc wins the elections in Denmark and Frederiksen prepares to form a new government

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The center-left bloc wins the elections in Denmark and Frederiksen prepares to form a new government< /p>

The Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, will have a again the option of forming a government. Her party, the Social Democrats, has won Tuesday's legislative elections in Denmark and will be able to win. seek again a center-left coalition or a broader one that includes its centrist rivals. FrederiksenHe and his allies reached the 90 seats that mark the majority in a final count that lasted 24 hours. until dawn and in which three of the four mandates of the autonomous territories of the Faroe Islands and Greenland were decisive.

“I have I presented the resignation of my government to Queen Margaret. With this result there is no parliamentary majority to support this Executive“, Frederiksen announced this Wednesday in the traditional debate at the Press Club in Copenhagen. Frederiksen had already announced last night that he would resign and that he would seek to form a center government that includes also to parties of the other bloc, as he had defended in the campaign.

That was also the bet from the beginning of The Moderates of the former liberal prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, third party with 16 seats and created a year ago, but both liberals and conservatives have been skeptical. “We are running for election with a widely collaborative project. It seems that the Danes have supported it,” he said. Frederiksen in that forum.

Government Formation

The leaders of the 12 political parties that have obtainedparliamentary representationThey have passed throughout the day by the Royal Palace to meet with the monarch, who must choose one to lead the negotiations to form a government, predictably Frederiksen.

Both the forces of the center-left bloc such as Los Moderados have shown their intention that the already acting prime minister be in charge of leading the contacts. The Social Democratic PartyIt was the force with the most votes and obtained 27.5%, two points more than in the previous elections of 2019 and its best numbers in two decades. On the other hand, several of its allies lost ground, especially the Liberal Social Party, which fell five points to 3.7%.

The social-liberals were the ones who forced Frederiksen to callearly elections, due to a political scandal linked to the sacrifice of million minks in autumn 2020 due to a mutation of the coronavirus. The Liberal Party maintained its status as the leading force in the right-wing bloc, but with just 13.3%, the worst result in 34 years.

The fall The rise of the Liberals is largely due to the appearance of two new forces created by two former figures of that party: The Moderates, who would rank third with 9.3%; and the xenophobic Democrats of Denmark, of the former Integration Minister, Inger Støjberg, with 8.1%.