The center proposes an additional child allowance for all families with children


The Minister of Finance said in Yle's A-studio that the center proposes an additional child allowance as a specific measure in the fight against rising prices. lapsiperheille-00729cf.jpg” alt=”The center proposes a general child allowance for all families with children” />

Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko visited Yle's A-studio on Wednesday. [email protected] at 0:11

Finland's Minister of Finance and chairwoman of the center Annika Saarikko visited Yle's A-studio on Wednesday.

In the interview, we discussed ways, with which the state comes against citizens when prices rise.

Inflation has risen to more than seven percent during the summer and experts believe that the rise in prices will continue.

The preparation of next year's state budget continued on Wednesday with the internal budget negotiations of the Ministry of Finance (MoF). The Ministry of Finance's budget proposal is the basis for the government's budget rush at the turn of August and September.

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Saarikko said in an interview that if economic growth shows signs of slowing down, lowering income tax is possible. However, care must be taken to ensure that the already rising prices are not accelerated further by one's own actions.

Saarikko has highlighted earlier in the spring that reducing income tax is one possible way to improve citizens' purchasing power.

< p class="paragraph">–I emphasize that the action (income tax reduction) is so significant in scale that we must be sure that there is so much trust in each other that salary moderation is maintained.

Saarikko said that he plans to meet with representatives of labor market organizations, with whom moderate solutions will be discussed.

Finland is not alone in its uncertain economic situation.

–The reason behind the rise in prices is a broader global phenomenon that we alone cannot do anything about, Saarikko clarifies.

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The center proposes additional child allowance

Saarikko emphasizes the importance of specific measures in this exceptional situation, where inflation has progressed exceptionally fast. The purpose of the specific measures is to ease the situation of those who are most affected by the effects of price increases.

Several specific measures have been taken during the past year, including the increases in the commuting deduction and the increases in guarantee pensions, home care support and students that came into effect this week.

Finland's birth rate has long been exceptionally low. The birth rate was slightly improved by the corona period spent at home, but a return to the past can already be seen. This is also why families with children are a target group that should now be paid attention to.

Saarikko says that Finland cannot afford for families with children not to manage.

– We cannot afford for families to be unwell, each family must be taken care of, Saarikko points out.

The center plans to submit a proposal for a one-time child benefit to the government. This additional child allowance would be made within the framework and it would be implemented later this year.

– We will make a proposal to the government for a one-time one additional child allowance for all Finnish families with children. It's a message for the livelihood of families with children, says Saarikko.

A one-time specific measure would be one extra child supplement, which would be paid as a double supplement during this year. The costs for this operation would be estimated to be slightly more than 100 million. According to Saarikko, the action would not increase indebtedness.

-The public finances and keeping up with all Finns must be taken care of, Saarikko says in an interview.

Comment: Inflation is galloping wildly and the people are biting, but the state coffers to thank 3.8. 10:43 A drastic cut to Kela compensations, reliefs to price restrictions – these are on the table in the budget amendment on 3.8. 11:27


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