The challenge of campaigning for emerging political parties | Elections Quebec 2022

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The challenge of campaigning for emerging political parties | ÉQuebec 2022 elections

Gilbert Simard is the candidate for Climat Québec in Dubuc.

While the focus is on the five major political parties in the current campaign, other smaller parties are trying to rack up votes. In Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, this is the case of Climat Québec, which presents three candidates, and of the Libertarian Party of Quebec, which presents in Lac-Saint-Jean its only candidate of the 125 constituencies.

< p class="e-p">If an electoral campaign is quite a challenge for the big parties, it is even more so for emerging formations.

The Climat Québec party will participate in its first general election. The leader of the party is former PQ member and leader of the Bloc Québécois Martine Ouellet.

To date, three candidates have been presented in the region, including the former mayor of Saint-Fulgence, Gilbert Simard.

We have to manage a bit, but we still have good support from Quebec. And Ms. Ouellet is in the field, because she is a bit short of candidates, but things are going very well all the same. We don't want to disturb her, so we work with the team that is in place. But it's fine. We understood that we had to be Resourceful 50, and then not say anything nonsense either!, underlined Gilbert Simard, winking at an old promotional campaign for a brand of beer.

For the former mayor of Saint-Fulgence, the size of the party did not matter in his decision-making.

I was arrested anyway. Me, I care a lot about the environment, then I liked it. And the text of the Climat Québec party is in line with my values, and that's why I decided to take a leap into provincial politics with what is on the program, the electoral platform, he continued.

The Quebec Libertarian Party, which is making a comeback on the political scene, has only one candidate and she is in the riding of Lac-Saint-Jean. Chantale Villeneuve is in the running.

Me, I'm not leaving with: "I'm going to be elected". We agree that we are realistic, so we have a lot of work to do. We believe in. So, by believing in it, we will take the time it will take. I am convinced that over time, it will respond, because we see it, we walk around the houses, then people are often completely disillusioned with the current system at the political level, explained Chantale Villeneuve.

Chantale Villeneuve is the candidate of the Libertarian Party of Quebec in Lac-Saint-Jean. She is accompanied by the leader of the party, Charles-Olivier Bolduc.

The formation, which wants to reduce the size of the state to a minimum, identifies itself as on the right in terms of the economy and on the left in social terms.

Its leader, Charles-Olivier Bolduc, says he wants to attract voters who currently feel neglected.

We are making this proposal. We say: "Are you tempted, people, to reduce this, this patent that the Quebec state has become? To reduce bureaucracy, to reduce the tax rate as much as possible, as much as possible in the end?”, explained Charles-Olivier Bolduc.

In the political program written by its leader, the party proposes the destruction of the current government buildings of Quebec and the destruction of the Parliament of Quebec. He also promises the formation of a Nuremberg-style tribunal for all those involved in the COVID scam, including all elected members of the National Assembly, doctors and employees of the official media.

Based on a report by Philippe L'Heureux

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