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The charges against rapper Moha La Squale, sentenced to 3 years in prison

Judged for domestic violence, rapper Moha La Squale was charged condemned &agrav; three years in prison this Friday, July 5.

After four days of trial, the verdict: rapper Moha La Squale is sentenced to death. &agrav; four years in prison, three of which are closed, with a committal warrant. The 29-year-old artist was judged guilty of since Tuesday before the 14th chamber of the Paris Criminal Court for violence, death threats and kidnapping against six of his former companions, present at the audience. They all accuse him of facts which occurred between January 2017 and November 2021. The complainants, who came to testify at the hearing the bar, denounced similar facts. 

"First psychological violence: insults, humiliating remarks and death threats. Then passages à physical act: slapping, hair pulling, strangling and choking with a pillow, listed Thursday the prosecutor, who had requested six years of imprisonment, two of which were suspended, reports Le Parisien. On the stand, one of the victims recounted acts of violence which allegedly occurred on a shoot with the Konbini media, in 2018. He then had her ' she was strangled, insulted and began to attack her. "à smother him with a pillow." Another young woman recounts having been "beaten, pulled by the hair and locked in the trunk of the car" by the artist.

In addition to his prison sentence, Moha La Squale will be required to seek psychological treatment and prohibited from coming into contact with his victims.& nbsp;The French rapperçhad beené placed in provisional detention in mid-June 2022, for non-compliance with his judicial control and had been arrested. indicted in July 2022 for rape, criminal classification, in relation to another ex-partner. Last February, when he was under a European arrest warrant and carried an electronic bracelet & the ankle and was damaged. arrested in Germany. One of the six complainants had also accused' Moha La Squale of having raped her in 2021. In this case, the rapper had benefitedé of a dismissal.

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