The cheapest Renault electric car received a premium version (photo)


The cheapest electric car Renault received a premium version (photo)

Dongfeng Nano Box is a more luxurious version of the budget Renault City K-ZE electric car. The $9,700 crossover received an improved interior trim, and its equipment includes digital tidy and voice-controlled navigation.

The new Dongfeng Nano Box has been declassified in the first photos. The compact electric car will go on sale from the end of summer for prices ranging from 65,700 to 71,700 yuan ($9,700 – 10,600). This is reported by the website CarNewsChina.

Renault's cheapest electric car gets a premium version (photo)

Dongfeng Nano Box is not an independent development, but actually a licensed copy of the Renault City K-ZE, the most affordable electric car of the French brand. This is not the first clone of the model – its colleague Dacia Spring is also sold in Europe.

However, if Renault and Dacia position their models as budget, the Dongfeng Nano Box electric car has tried to be more luxurious and premium. At the same time, its price remained at the level of its counterparts.

The cheapest Renault electric car received a premium version (photo)

In the cabin, the trim was significantly improved, a new steering wheel and front panel were installed. There was a digital instrument panel and a large 10-inch touch screen. The complete set was expanded by air conditioning, a rear-view camera, parking sensors and satellite navigation with voice control.

The design of the Dongfeng Nano Box has also been changed – the crossover has a new front end with two-story LED optics. At the back, the electric car has not changed.

The power plant of the Renault City K-ZE has also not changed. The electric crossover is equipped with a 44 hp engine. With. and a battery with a capacity of 27.2 kWh. It can reach 100 km/h and has a range of 230 km. Charging at home takes 4 hours, and from the fast station – about 50 minutes.


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