The child who was sick chicken pox, it may affect the brain, doctor

У ребенка, который заболел ветряной оспой, может пострадать головной мозг, — врач

First measles, then diphtheria. And on the verge of another danger — the flu. The upcoming epidemic, according to the forecasts of doctors, “acquaint” us with new viruses. One of them is the A/Brisbane, a descendant of the infamous swine flu, is especially dangerous for young children. Pediatric immunologist, infectious disease associate Professor of pediatric infectious diseases and pediatric immunology, National medical Academy of postgraduate education named after P. L. Shupyk, doctor of medical Sciences Fedor Lapiy advised to vaccinate not only children who go to kindergarten or school, but “home”. Toddlers, for example, will visit the children’s holidays, new year, Christmas, where a high probability of Contracting the flu.

“To vaccinate children for the flu, preferably before the beginning of the epidemic”

— I believe that to be protected from flu need to not only children but also parents, grandparents, other relatives who communicate with him, — says Fedor. — Then protection from infection will be very effective and none of the household will not bring a deadly virus back home. To vaccinate children against influenza, preferably before the beginning of the epidemic, managed to produce a reliable immune system. Because there is no guarantee that in the midst of the incidence of vaccinated today, a child tomorrow will not meet with the sick person.

— There is a vaccine specifically designed for young children?

— Vaccine manufacturers always give recommendations on how and in what dose you need to administer the vaccine to children depending on age. Conducted pre-studies to determine optimal dosage of the drug. This is all stated in the instructions. Some manufacturers recommend to vaccinate infants from six months.

У ребенка, который заболел ветряной оспой, может пострадать головной мозг, — врачIf vaccinated against influenza before the epidemic will have time to produce effective immunity

But sometimes vaccinated children could get sick. Why?

— First, the virus can mutate even during one epidemic season. Secondly, the efficacy of vaccination in people imply absolute protection from infection. And doctors estimate that performance is a little different in comparison with those who did not vaccinate. In addition, it is important that the reduced hospitalization of critically ill patients, reduced the number of deaths. Also, fewer people suffer from heart attacks or strokes, the risk of which is especially high in the first three days of the flu.

“A vaccine against rotavirus, a dangerous dehydration, administered to infants up to six months”

Many conscientious parents think about how to protect the child from unnecessary infections. Isn’t this immunity excessive stress?

— No. The child’s immune system can handle the load, obtained from several inoculations made at the same time. In addition, I would not call these optional vaccinations: infections that they protect, can be quite severe, life threatening. When parents come to reception and ask which vaccinations you can give up, I answer: “have You tried to approach the policeman and ask him what the traffic rules are optional? They are all written in blood.”

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— What additional vaccinations should be carried out?

It is important to protect children from rotavirus. The vaccine is infants under six months of age. As a rule, rotavirus affects children up to five years. Each baby the disease progresses from mild to very severe, even fatal. Children lose a lot of fluid due to vomiting and diarrhea, which can lead to death. Deaths there are in Ukraine.

Another terrible infection — pneumococcal. Vaccination against it mandatory in many countries, and Ukraine is one of the few exceptions. Streptococcus pneumoniae often causes ear infection. Although this unpleasant disease, but not so deadly as meningitis or pneumococcal pneumonia, or pneumococcal sepsis. We can’t prevent infection with all varieties of pneumococci. But we can protect the child from those of bacteria that cause more than 90 percent of severe pneumococcal infections.

— And if necessary vaccinated against chickenpox?

No doubt. Chickenpox is considered to be a trivial infection. But if a child gets sick, for example, during a holiday by the sea, a vacation will be spoiled for the entire family. A boy or a girl with chickenpox who wanted to go to a Christmas party, are a danger for many children and adults, but primarily for pregnant women without a history of childhood.

And the main thing is that sometimes chicken pox can occur is extremely difficult. Sometimes a child, combing skin, enters the wound infection (e.g. cutting a finger in the nose). Due to the inflammation may develop suppuration of the subcutaneous tissue — cellulitis. Threat when the chickenpox and the so-called necrotizing fasciitis (inflammation of the intermuscular fascia) that runs as gangrene. If the process will affect, for example, an arm or leg, the patient to amputate the limb. Life-threatening disease and vetranary encephalitis, in which the chickenpox virus spreads to the brain.

— Is it necessary to vaccinate girls against human papillomavirus?

— It is preferable to vaccinate girls under the age of nine years. My youngest daughter is already vaccinated with the first dose. Of course, this vaccine does not cover all the varieties of the human papilloma virus. But the seat belt does not provide every possible unpleasant situation on the road. And we use it, and when it works, though not a hundred percent.

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