The chosen throne of the Queen will tell you what a woman and what you think about men

Выбранный трон королевы расскажет какая вы женщина, и что о вас думают мужчины

I now invite all the ladies to pass an interesting test, which will tell about what you are a woman and what they think about you men. Ready? Then go…

So, before you Royal thrones, choose the one you like the most:

The throne of No. 1

You are a goal-oriented person, accustomed to go ahead and ready for the most daring experiments. Generally achieve what you strive for and You find it hard to resist. You are strong, strong-willed nature, expressive and passionate. Love the attention!

Possess some qualities of the strong sex – masculinity, impulsiveness, a huge will to win, optimism, and courage. Love the fellowship and make many acquaintances. You are proud and willful, altruistic, always, if necessary, to selflessly help your neighbor.

The throne number 2

You are calm, friendly and cheerful person. And even with a sense of humor!

You non-permanent, easy going. You will never go unnoticed! You make a good impression on others. You are very sociable, curious, brave. You are not interested in the opinion of the society, focused and original.

Adapt to any environment and also take any character of his men. You will never be boring and dull, because they always aspire to grow and learn and a lifetime to aspire to the new.

Throne No. 3

You always need a man next to which would be easy and nothing to worry about. You, despite the generosity and inherent goodness, love yourself and demand the same attitude to his own person from others. You are very sensitive, I tend to fall for men in life, beautiful things, in art!

Playful, fun, romantic, Flirty, love flirting. You don’t want to grow up! Kind and caring mothers who are naughty, spoiled girls who want to have strong patrons. Enjoy increased attention of men!

Throne No. 4

For most people, Your soul – the real dark, but the mystery is the main cause of Your fascination, so try not to lose! You do not tend to be tormented with doubts – usually you know what You want, and the questions from the “What to do?” “What to wear?” for You, rarity.

You are a very proud and principled, always ready to zealously defend their own opinion, and will not tolerate injustice. You are able to control not only their emotions, forces and people that are close. Have the desire to assert themselves, to achieve heights in training, career. In a relationship You – maximalist, very strict and demanding to herself and to the chosen one. Over You cannot control, You will always be independent.

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