The city police can knock on the door. Big checks are underway. There are more and more mandates

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Every user of the furnace can expect an inspection.

The municipal police may knock on the door. Major inspections are underway. There are more and more fines

The media has been informed about increased inspections of furnaces used by inhabitants of Poland. City guards go from door to door to check the materials that end up in the fuel stoves. as reported by the Money portal, applications for punishment are still coming to the court, and there are more and more fines. Officers warn that getting one fine doesn't protect you from another.

Rising fuel costs result in “burning everything but tires”. Fines and court applications are pouring in

According to the stories of the city guard, many citizens punished with fines are financially well-off people who are most likely to be able to afford heating costs. Despite this, many cases of burning raw materials have been reported, which should under no circumstances be placed in the hearth of the furnace.

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A good example of such materials can be electric cables, which a woman from Chełmno used to burn in the stove, or furniture chipboards, which are usually impregnated. According to the portal, as a result of 254 household inspections carried out in 2022, six fines in the amount of PLN 2,400 were issued. At that time, 29 furnaces were checked and 225 waste management expertises were carried out.

In 2021, we carried out 466 property inspections, including 105 inspections of furnaces, 361 inspections of waste management. Three fines of PLN 900 were imposed for burning garbage in the furnace. In 2022, 254 inspections of premises were recorded, including 29 inspections of furnaces, 225 inspections of waste management. Six fines were imposed for irregularities in the amount of PLN 2,400 – lists the commander of the municipal guard from Rabka-Zdrój, Kazimierz Zapała.

An important piece of information for many inhabitants of Poland is the fine , which threatens for burning waste that should not be in the furnace. The maximum penalty for burning garbage is a 30-day arrest or a fine of up to PLN 5,000, which must be imposed by the court in the light of the law. Please note that recidivism in incineration of unauthorized waste may result in further penalties.

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