The clergyman caused a lot of excitement on the web. All because he has a wife and children

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The priest and his family caused a lot of excitement.

 The clergyman caused a lot of emotions on the Internet. All because he has a wife and children

According to the portal” O2 “, the priest has not only a wife, tramping children. The priest willingly shares photos of his relatives with Internet users. Unfortunately, not everyone shows understanding and acceptance. The family of the priest, as well as himself, more than once fell victim to indiscriminate jokes.

Married Priest

Fr. Paweł Potoczek has been working on the Internet for a long time as a married priest. A man's clergy and his family life arouse a lot of interest and sometimes a lot of emotions on the web. The clergyman not only has a large group of sympathizers, but also a hatter. Many wonder how it is possible that a priest not only has a wife but also children?

It turns out that Father Paweł Potoczek is a Greek Catholic priest, which means that he is not bound by vows of chastity and the required celibacy. Interestingly, in order to start a family, he must first get married and only then be ordained a priest.

The couple met when Paweł Potoczek was at the 3rd year of the seminar. They quickly realized that they wanted to go through life together and got married. Some time later the priest was ordained. The couple had three children.

What about celibacy?

When asked if abolishing celibacy could have positive effects, the priest replied that it was difficult him is to answer unequivocally. In his opinion, this would not solve the problems faced by Catholic bones today.

There is no denying that priesthood and marriage evoke a lot of emotions. The clergyman meets with different reactions, both in the place where he lives and on the Internet.

What do you think about this combination?

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