The coalition demands that tourist visas be banned from Russians – STT: three other parliamentary groups also agree


The coalition's parliamentary group demands that the granting of tourist visas to Russians be suspended. According to STT, the parliamentary groups of SDP, Fundamental Finns and the center are also on the same lines. -stt-myoumls-kolme-muata-eduskuntarhmaumlauml-samaa-mieltauml-540e173.jpg” alt=”The coalition demands a ban on tourist visas for Russians – STT: also three other parliamentary groups share the same opinion ;” />

Traffic arriving from Russia at the Vaalimaa border station. Jarmo Sipilä[email protected] Today at 18:27

In its press release, the parliamentary group of the Coalition demands that the issuance of tourist visas to Russians be suspended.

The chairmen of the SDP, center and basic Finnish parliamentary groups would also stop issuing tourist visas to Russians, says STT. Iltalehti could not reach the representatives of the SDP, the center and fundamentalist Finnish parliamentary groups on Monday afternoon.

– As long as Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine continues, Finland has no reason to continue issuing tourist visas to Russians. The current situation offers an opportunity to circumvent sanctions and export products subject to sanctions to Russia, Jukka Kopra, vice-chairman of the parliamentary group of the coalition, says in a press release.

Fundamental Finns chairman Riikka Purra demanded on Sunday that the government take action to suspend the issuance of Russian tourist visas.

For and against

Discussion about Russians about tourists in Finland has been active on social media in recent days. Many are of the opinion that citizens of Russia, which is waging a war of aggression in Ukraine, should not be allowed to vacation in Finland.

Individual MPs have also taken a stand on the matter. For example, the coalition's Heikki Vestman takes a stand against the issuing of tourist visas.

– It is ridiculous that Russians can at the same time amuse themselves based on tourist visas issued by Finland in our country and elsewhere in Europe.


Also the member of parliament Mikko Kärnä would stop issuing tourist visas to Russians.

Some opposing viewpoints have also been presented. The former chairman of the Greens, Osmo Soininvaara, points out that tourists spending their money in Finland are weakening Russia's war chest.

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