The College of Physicians of Quebec again recommends wearing a mask | Coronavirus

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The College of Physicians of Quebec again recommends wearing the mask | Coronavirus

Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in public places in Quebec.

Due to a rise in respiratory virus cases among children and the overflow of pediatric emergencies , the College of Physicians of Quebec (CMQ) once again recommends that the population wear a mask in public places.

On Twitter, the CMQ described the increase in Worrying cases of respiratory viruses in children. It indicates that the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect yourself and others.

Federal Public Health stressed Thursday that people should be extra careful because respiratory viruses are experiencing a sharp start to the season in the country, immunity to COVID-19 is on the decline and that social contacts increase with the relaxation of sanitary measures.

“The approach of the holiday season should further invite us to behave cautiously and responsibly in the face of this triple threat, in order to avoid a wave of cases that would jeopardize the reunion”, writes the CMQ on its page Twitter.

In relation to the flu, the Deputy Chief Administrator of the Public Health Agency of Canada, Dr. Howard Njoo, indicated Thursday that the seasonal threshold of 5% for laboratory test positivity had already been crossed. According to him, seasonal respiratory viruses could circulate simultaneously in the coming weeks.

Ontario is facing an unprecedented wave of very sick children and children's hospitals are overwhelmed. On Sunday, Premier Doug Ford encouraged people to wear masks, but did not make them mandatory.

Are we heading towards a return to the wearing of masks in public places? This is the recommendation of the College of Physicians of Quebec in the face of the worrying rise in cases of respiratory viruses in children, causing overflows in pediatric emergencies. Reporting by Charlotte Dumoulin

The province's chief medical officer of health, Dr. Kieran Moore, is expected to make an announcement on Monday recommending that the public return to masking.

Two government sources told The Canadian Press that Dr. Moore will make a call to wear the mask, but will not announce a requirement. It also encourages Ontarians to get their flu shots and receive their COVID-19 booster doses. a significant decrease in hospitalizations related to COVID-19. The death toll, however, continued to rise with 14 new victims.

Quebec reported 739 new cases, to which are added at least 133 infections detected by rapid tests. According to the most recent public data from the Ministry of Health, the positivity rate is 8.3%.

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