The coming winter causes considerable anxiety. Will our homes run out of gas?

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How long are Polish gas stocks sufficient?

The coming winter is very worrying. Will we run out of gas in our homes

According to the website “Super Express”, the upcoming winter fills many Poles with fear. Many still do not have a supply of coal to keep the house warm when temperatures drop sharply. Also those who heat their homes with gas are worried. Do we have enough blue fuel to keep you from worrying about winter?

Warehouses full of gas?

The rulers argue that Polish gas storage facilities are 99 percent full. And although such a message seems to be reassuring, unfortunately the size of the aforementioned magazines indicates that this is a reserve sufficient only for less than two months. If gas supplies are cut off, we will be in a difficult position.

Currently, there are 36 TWh of gas in Polish gas storage facilities. It should be noted here that we use 247 TWh per year as a country. So it is easy to calculate that the indicated stock gives us security for only a month and 22 days. However, this is average consumption. In winter, the amount of blue fuel consumed is much greater, so the stocks will shrink faster.

 The coming winter is causing a lot of concern & oacute; j. Will our homes run out of gas

Is Europe better secured?

M & oacute; When talking about gas stocks, it does not make sense to specify the percentage of their filling, but their actual capacity with the annual consumption at the same time. For example, Ukrainian gas storage facilities are 28.4% full, but the amount corresponding to this percentage ensures consumption for a period of more than 3 months.

Austria is in an even better situation, with 71% of its warehouses full. has fuel provided for more than 8 months.

 The coming winter is very worrying. Will our homes run out of gas

Do you think that we will face a gas crisis in winter?

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