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The competition is at bay, this mobile plan is making them bite the dust

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The multitude of mobile plans available on the market can sometimes make it difficult to choose one of them. Besides the price, the quantity of internet made available by operators is undoubtedly the second most important criterion that comes into account. It's not always easy to know whether or not the allocated GB will be enough to finish the month.

Fortunately, there are flexible plans that guarantee a sufficient quantity of data, for a fair price, closest to what you actually consume. The mobile plan war rages between operators who try as best they can to offer offers adapted to their customers.

That said, if the incumbent operators stick to their positions by offering fixed price packages, with a well-defined quantity of internet, some think outside the box and stand out brilliantly. This is the case with Prixtel, a virtual operator which belongs to Altice (SFR) and which offers flexible packages.

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His is the one that meets with the greatest success. Without commitment, it is like all the other packages in the Prixtel range, CO2 neutral. The operator is implementing numerous campaigns intended to offset all of the CO2 emissions generated by its packages. If you are concerned about the planet, this is a relevant choice.

How do Prixtel flexible plans work?

As we said previously, Prixtel is a virtual operator. Which means that you will not have access to advisors and physical stores. With him, the management of your package, the consultation of your consumption and invoice, but also the customer service are available online, on his website or his mobile application. This is quite a good point since you don't have to travel and have control of your offer from your sofa.

Prixtel's flexible plans are very easy to understand. Their operation is based on several levels which allow you to benefit from a very specific quantity of internet. The Oxygène subscription is offered at the base price of 8.99 euros for an internet quantity of up to 40 GB. If you exceed this threshold and use more, between 40 and 60 GB , the price automatically increases to 10.99 euros. Finally, the last level allows you to obtain between 60 and 80 GB for 12.99 euros. Here's a quick summary:

  • From 0 to 40 GB: 8.99 euros
  • From 40 GB to 60 GB: 10.99 euros
  • From 40 GB to 80 GB: 12.99 euros

And since they are based on the SFR network, Prixtel packages guarantee you optimal quality and coverage, even in small towns. The virtual operator also offers 3 other packages to suit everyone's needs. The small one, which allows you to benefit from 10 GB to 30 GB from 6.99 euros. The large one, from 100 GB to 160 GB from 11.99 euros. And finally, the giant from 14.99 euros for an internet envelope of between 150 and 250 GB.

By choosing Le grand, you can benefit from optional 5G. The giant includes it for free. In terms of roaming, Le petit, Le grand and the Oxygène package include 15 GB in the EU and the French Overseas Territories. For Le Géant, you have 25 GB. All offer flexibility that is not found in traditional mobile plans. Finally, they come with their 10 euro SIM card, which must be paid when you register.

Changing operator, how does it work?

< p>If before it was necessary to send a registered letter to terminate a mobile telephone contract, it is completely different today. Operators have simplified the process and it is now very easy to change plans. It only takes a few minutes and you can also keep your current number. To do this, you must communicate the RIO code to your new operator. This is obtained by calling 3179 from your mobile (free call).

As for termination, it is also generally the new operator who takes care of the process. . On your side, you have almost nothing to do. In short, everyone can easily switch from one operator to another. By opting for a flexible PRixtel plan, you can make great savings by only paying for what you actually use in terms of internet.

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