The conflict in the family Kardashian and Kanye West

To Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently is not easy. West bans wife to wear revealing and form-fitting outfits, it swears with her daughter, who, at 6 years old wearing cosmetics, and with the permission Kardashian. Kim tried to argue, but the argument got out of control.

Конфликт в семье Кардашьян и Канье Уэста

For the first time baby North with her mother’s permission have used red lipstick a year ago, for Christmas. Realizing that the daughter has this great sense of style, a reality-TV star began to curse her when she rummaged in the purse. But Kanye was furious, have seen recently on eyelids baby the shade.

After the fight, Kim didn’t talk to her husband, resentful and even a statement that Kanye did not want to see half-naked wife in public. The case could be reached before the divorce. But Kim realized that her husband was more than the freedom of choice of clothes, made a compromise. The other day Kim was seen leaving from the hotel to sweater dress, tightly covering not only the neck and décolleté. Kim also agreed that daughters should not be wearing makeup. This girl, of course, offended. Kim decided to stand firm on its decision not to cancel it

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