The Conservative Party maintains that excluding Patrick Brown was the right thing to do


The Conservative Party maintains that shutting out Patrick Brown was the right thing to do

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">Chairman of Conservative Party of Canada Leader Election Organizing Committee Ian Brodie says allegations against Patrick Brown are credible.

Chair of Organizing Committee for Conservative Party of Canada Leader Election Says Party Couldn't 'Run the Risk' of Having Candidate Under Investigation for violating federal laws.

In an email sent to party members on Friday morning, Ian Brodie reiterated that the decision to exclude Patrick Brown from the leadership race was the right thing to do to preserve the party's impeccable reputation in the long term.

The missive, however, makes no mention of the revelation made Thursday evening by a whistleblower, Debra Jodoin, who alleges that Mr. Brown broke the law by personally asking a private company to pay its campaign costs.

The note sent by Mr. Brodie states that the information received by the committee was credible and verifiable. He also thanked members of the Election Organizing Committee, who voted 11-6 to kick Mr Brown out of the race, for agreeing to make a choice no one should have. to do.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Election of the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Ian Brodie (archives) .

This message has been sent to members amid growing pressure from the Elections Committee to reveal more information about what justified M's exclusion. .Brown. The ex-candidate has strongly denied any knowledge of wrongdoing within his campaign.

The email sent to members, however, states that the team Mr. Brown knew full well what the allegations were and that any assertion to the contrary is simply incorrect.


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