The Conservative Party of Quebec presents its candidates in Sherbrooke


The Conservative Party of Quebec presents its candidates in Sherbrooke

From left to right: Marylaine Bélair, Dany Bernier and Zoée Saint-Amand.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec Éric Duhaime was at the SHAKER restaurant in Sherbrooke on Tuesday to unveil three new candidates. Marylaine Bélair, Dany Bernier and Zoée Saint-Amand will run in Richmond, Saint-François and Sherbrooke respectively.

Marylaine Bélair, candidate in Richmond, moved to Sherbrooke four years ago . The candidate is a financial controller for the robotics company UNiRO. She says she wanted to get involved in politics because of the drift of recent years in democracy, which made me see that if the people do not get involved in politics we can cry, but things will not change.< /p>

Family values, parental primacy, and civil responsibility. These are the things that join me a lot from that party, she says.

Dany Bernier is a candidate in the Saint-François. The 36-year-old man has lived in Estrie for two years and is a recreation worker for the City of Sherbrooke. One of the proposals of the program that concerns me, among others, is to increase the first level of taxation, for taxes, from $15,000 to $20,000 per worker, he argues.

Right now, I'm in the party that I'm convinced is going to do the most good for the community, he adds.

Zoée Saint-Amand is running in Sherbrooke. The 35-year-old woman has lived in Sherbrooke for six years and is a master's student in guidance. She also works for the public service. Politics is always a subject that has interested me a lot […] I believe that it is important for citizens to be informed about what is happening, and also to ask themselves questions about decisions which are taken. It's something I do in my daily life, I like to read the news and keep myself informed, she explains.

The pandemic context contributed to his decision to get involved in politics. I heard the words of Mr. Duhaime, who talked a lot about individual freedoms and the right to choose, and these are reasons that appealed to me a lot, that I believe are important to protect and put forward , she notes.

On Tuesday morning, the Conservative Party of Quebec also unveiled its campaign slogan, Libertés chez-nous.

“It's a slogan reminiscent of the era of Jean Lesage, a nod to the slogan that has perhaps the most marked the political imagination in Quebec. At the time, we wanted Quebec to be freer within Canada. We think that in 2022, Quebecers want to be more free within Quebec.

—Éric Duhaime, Leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec

People who know me know I wanted freedom before COVID happened, I wanted freedom during the health crisis, and I want it after the COVID, so I have always been someone who aspired to give people more individual freedoms, he insists.

The party leader says he intends to step up the pace and announce many candidates in the coming weeks. We have about fifty candidates already announced. We still have around 40 that we are announcing periodically. There are still about twenty constituencies, I would tell you, where we have not had an ideal candidate […] There is still some recruitment to be done, but we have three months left, says Mr. Duhaime .

With information from Alexis Tremblay


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