The Conservative Party of Quebec takes stock of its campaign against a backdrop of dissension | Elections Quebec 2022

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The Conservative Party of Quebec takes stock of its campaign against a backdrop of dissension | Élections Quebec 2022

The leader of the PCQ, Éric Duhaime, at the opening of the Drummondville meeting intended to take stock of the last campaign with the various Conservative candidates.

The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) is meeting in Drummondville to take stock of the last election campaign. While Éric Duhaime's party won 530,786 votes (12.91% of the vote), a result close to those of the other opposition parties, the PCQ did not win any seats, which creates fault lines in the within the party.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) would find himself at the center of a conflict between two groups whose visions are opposed with regard to the future of this political party, according to various sources who spoke to Radio-Canada on condition of anonymity.

Now that the party has taken off, there are people looking to take the space around the leader, one such source said. Several observers wonder if these dissensions will be visible during the party meeting.

The Conservative leader has planned to hold a press scrum during the afternoon to address the issues time and to try to reassure his troops, particularly about his leadership.

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Earlier this week, Duhaime spoke to activists via social media. I understand that there is disappointment (…) but it's not the apocalypse he declared before underlining the strong growth of his party and the fact that the PCQ currently has the most members on the provincial scene.

“There are things that have gone well and there are things that have not gone so well, but I will not accept that we continue to smear people and smear the organization like that was done on condition of anonymity lately. »

— Éric Duhaime, leader of the PCQ

Beyond the necessary consolidation of the organizational foundations of the party, the PCQ will have to agree on the main ideological axes that he intends to put forward in order to broaden a base which had initially met to denounce the health restrictions adopted by the government during the pandemic.

We will have to mature, summarized Mr. Duhaime during his speech earlier this week. He pointed out that unlike the previous campaign, the Conservative Party would this time have time to organise, as well as financial resources.

The leader of the party has indicated that he will begin, from next week, a tour of the regions to listen to the observations of its members. A congress is also on the menu in 2023.

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