The Conservative Party will ask for a judicial recount in Beauce-Nord | Elections Quebec 2022

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The Conservative Party will request a judicial recount in Beauce-Nord | ÉQuebec 2022 elections

The mayor of Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, Olivier Dumais, presented himself as a Conservative candidate in the riding of Beauce-Nord.

The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) will indeed ask for a judicial recount in the riding of Beauce-Nord. The request will be filed in the Court of Quebec on Friday.

Éric Duhaime's attaché, Cédric Lapointe, indicates that two lawyers have worked on the file and they believe that' they have reasonable grounds for making such a request. According to him, the vote count carried out on Tuesday morning revealed certain anomalies in the electoral process.

The Conservative candidate in Beauce-Nord, Olivier Dumais, lost by only 202 votes behind the CAQ candidate Luc Provençal. The party believes it has a chance of winning, since 372 ballot papers were rejected.

The electoral law provides for a maximum period of four days after the census votes to request a recount.

It will be up to the court to accept or reject the request. If accepted, a recount will take place and a judge will declare the winner.

According to Élections Québec, at least one judicial recount takes place after each Québec election. However, it is very rare that the process ends in a reversal of the result. In addition to the counting in Gaspé in 2018, the last case dates back to 1976.

Among the 125 electoral districts of the province, it is in Beauce-Nord where the fight has been the warmer Monday evening. The riding of Fabre, in Laval, follows closely: caquist Alice Abou-Khalil only won by 306 votes.

As for Beauce-Sud, it is the fourth riding where the result was the tightest. Caquiste Samuel Poulin won 428 more votes than his Conservative opponent.

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