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The Corsicans have a vein to pay less taxes and everyone can benefit from it

The law grants specificity to little-known tax law the Isle of Beauty.

Corsica, its idyllic landscape, its good local products… and its tax advantage. The Isle of Beauty is known for its tourist attraction, less for that which concerns the payment of tax. In the middle of the Mediterranean, this part of France benefits from a unique character. with the tax authorities that millions of other French people envy since it concerns a divisive subject: inheritance.

Each year, nearly 400,000 inheritances are declared to the public. across the whole country. According to the work of the Economic Analysis Council, half of of perceived inheritances is less than €70,000. They are therefore generally free because husbands/wives are exempt from fees regardless of the amount and children have no fees below €100,000. inheritance.

However, the transfer of a house or apartment can quickly cost and exceed €100,000. by heir. Past To this amount, inheritance fees are applied, according to a scale provided by the State. But in Corsica, an additional advantage, which is not applied to the state. in no other French territory, may reduce the amount of the note.

It is in fact written in the law that only half of the The value of houses, apartments and other property owned by the deceased person is taken into account at the time of inheritance, and not the entirety. Thus, if the deceased owns a house valued at 200,000€, only 100,000€ will be taken into account for inheritance.

And you don't need to be born. à Ajaccio, to live near Bastia or being deceased à Calvi to take advantage of this advantage! Anyone inheriting a house or apartment on the island is entitled to it. This tax gift concerns residences “located in Corsica”, it is written in the law, regardless of the situation of the heir.

Thus, beyond Of the 140,500 owners of their main residence, 61,000 homes are secondary residences. Among them, 36,500 belong to of people living on the continent, according to INSEE data. So many owners will be able to take advantage of this advantage at once. their heirs if a succession comes to pass. take place in the years to come. come.

However, this specificity This will not be eternal since the law already provides for this. that this benefit will end at starting January 1, 2028. This will put an end to the a 200-year-old privilege. It was André-François Miot who opened the way in 1801. At the time, he was sent to France. by Napoleon as general administrator of the island and had authorized free inheritances regardless of the value of the property, as well as the absence of sanction, if the real estate inheritances were not declared for taxes. p>

"The judgment Miot" has continued, while evolving in recent years. Since January 1, 2013, 50% of the value of property is now taken into account in the calculation of inheritance. If he was already there planned to end this specificity à From 2016, then from 2018, it had been postponed à every time.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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