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“The Count of Monte Cristo: an ambitious fresco with Pierre Niney, our critic”

The Count of Monte Cristo: an ambitious fresco with Pierre Niney, our critic

Réalisé par : Matthieu Delaporte, Alexandre de La Patellière Avec : Pierre Niney , Anaïs Demoustier, Bastien Bouillon, Anamaria Vartolomei, Laurent Lafitte Genre : Film dramatique Sortie le 28/06/2024 0 /5 Donnez votre avis Synopsis Voir la bande-annonce Trouver une séance Vos avis

The Count of Monte Cristo: an ambitious fresco with Pierre Niney, our critic

Cette nouvelle adaptation du classique d'Alexandre Dumas par les réalisateurs Alexandre de La Patellière et Matthieu Delaporte est sorti au cinéma ce vendredi 28 juin.

Did the producers find what they wanted? the recipe for the blockbuster à the French woman in the adaptations of Alexandre Dumas ? After The Three Musketeers, another leader literary work of the writer is adapted to on the big screen. This Friday, June 28, comes out The Count of Monte Cristo, 39th(!) adaptation of the novel depicting the revenge of Edmond Dantès. In detail, the book and the film tell the story of this naive young sailor ïagrave; who smiles on life when he is promoted to captain and goes to marry the woman of his life. But his happiness arouses the desires of other men who then hatch a plot against him and have him locked up in If prison for a crime he did not commit. After 12 years, he ;escapes and, under the name of the Count of Monte Cristo, he meticulously prepares his revenge.

The dramatic potential of Count of Monte Cristo n'is more à prove, and the directors Alexandre de La Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte (Le Préénom) lé ;#39;have understood well. If the scenario is well-known and the novel has been written, adapted Many times, we do not shy away from our pleasure in front of this cinematic fresco.

Because the new adaptation does not skimp on means, and offers a new ambitious adaptation to the height of the stakes of the novel, although too long in its first part. The staging is grandiloquent although sometimes too academic. Served by d& With sets, photographs, lighting and sumptuous costumes, the viewer is totally immersed in the story. in the revenge of Edmond Dantès.

But the real strength of this adaptation of the Count of Monte Cristo resides in the pluralityé of its casting. The main actors, Pierre Niney in the lead who is transfigured; by the role of Edmond Dant's as if he had been' éwritten for him,  and Anamaria Vartolomei who bursts the screen' each of his appearances in the guise of Hayd&eac;e, while the rest of the cast (Bastien Bouillon, Laurent Laffite, Patrick Mille, Vassili Schneider…) brings a real wealth of character. #39;interpretation this distribution. A film à discover in theaters perhaps for La Fête du Cinéma, which takes place from June 30 to July 3.

Why The Count of Monte Cristo is released on a Friday ?

If films are usually released on the big screen on Children's Day, a small change has been made. operated on this week. It is this Friday, June 28 that the adventures of Edmond Dantès will be visible in the cinema. La raison ? La Cinema festival, which begins shortly afterwards. 

As the press officers of the Count of Monte-Cristo explain to us, the adaptation of the work of Dumas takes advantage of the event to attract the public to the theaters for its first day of celebration. From June 30 to July 3, 2024, the price of a cinema ticket is set at 5 euros in all cinemas in France. A bargain therefore if you want to discover the new role of Pierre Niney in the cinema.< /p>

Synopsis – Victim of a conspiracy, the young Edmond Dantès is arrested  on his wedding day for a crime he did not commit. After fourteen years of detention at the Château d'If, he managed to escape. escape. Having become immensely rich, he returned under the identity of of the Count of Monte Cristo to take revenge on the three men who betrayed him.

The cast of Count of Monte Cristo

In the casting of Count of Monte-Cristo version 2024, it's the actor Pierre Niney who was é chosen to play the main character, face à other figures of French cinema: Bastien Bouillon (La nuit du 12), Anaï s Demoustier (Les amours d'Anaïs), Anamaria Vartolomei (L'&eacute ;event), but also Laurent Lafitte. The first trailer revealed by Path promises an epic film for French spectators . 

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