The creator of the song that is hummed by successive generations has passed away. The fans do not hide their sadness

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Sergei Kuznetsov passed away.

The creator of the songs that are chanting by successive generations is gone. The fans do not hide their sadness

According to the portal “Pomponik”, Sergei Kuznetsov, author of the famous hit “Bialy Rozy”, is dead. He passed away at the age of 58. The musician died on November 7 in Orenburg.

Sergey Kuznetsov is dead

Sergei Kuznetsov died on Monday, November 7 in Orenburg. The information about the musician's death was provided by, among others, television in Orenburg and the portal The official cause of Kuznetsov's death has not been made public, although unofficially there is talk of a heart attack.

The musician had serious health problems for years. In 2016, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

It is worth mentioning, that at the end of June this year, Yuri Shatunov, who was the vocalist of the band Łaskawyj Maj, died of a heart attack.

Who was Sergei Kuznetsov?

Sergei Kuznetsov was born on January 7, 1964 in Mednogorsk. At the age of 12, he experienced clinical death as a result of the explosion of a detonator he found. It was necessary to undergo several treatments for him. He was in the hospital for 3 long months.

After leaving the medical school, he became interested in music. He started to create his own music, which was inspired by the works of his favorite band Moder Talking. He was a co-founder of many bands, including Łaskowyj Maj, who launched the hit “Bialy Rozy”, which immediately won the hearts of the audience.

Łaskowyj Maj with Yuri Shatunov and Sergey Kuznetsov has performed in many countries of the Eastern Bloc, and crowds gathered in front of the stage. The 1980s brought a conflict between Kuznetsov and producer Andrei Razin. The property rights to the songs turned out to be a contentious issue. The battle went on for years.

Later, Kuznetsov tested his strength with other teams. He was the founder of the following groups: Mama, Czerniła dla piatogo kłassa, Stiekłowata, Czernilnoje heaven, Nowyje Formy and Raduga noczju.

Are you also one of the fans of the song “Białyje Rozozy”?

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