The crew covered by the coronavirus liner Diamond Princess took optimistic video

Экипаж охваченного коронавирусом лайнера Diamond Princess снял оптимистичное видео

On a cruise ship Diamond Princess, which continues the quarantine in connection with the infection with coronavirus COVID-19, recorded positive video.

Cook performed a funny dance to show family and friends what they do not lose heart and they have everything in order. Videos dancing to Justin Bieber song “Yummy” published in your Twitter user under the name Mae Fantillo.

The crew wants to show he still can smile no matter what, and will stay together until the quarantine is not over.

Recall that the quarantine on a cruise ship Diamond Princess, which put discovered there are cases of infection with coronavirus, is scheduled to end on February 19.

All on Board are more than 3,700 people from 52 countries. Every third member of the crew.

Recently the authorities decided to evacuate from the liner of the elderly and persons with chronic illnesses. More than half of the passengers being over the age of 70 years.

Details about what is happening on the Diamond Princess, read in the material “FACTS”.

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