The critics widely endorse them: these are the 3 series that you cannot miss


Below we will tell you which are the series that have received numerous international awards and which you should give a chance to in your list of reproductions.

The critics widely endorse them: these are the 3 series that you cannot miss

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Like every day, we bring you the recommendation of three very successful series that received critical acclaim and awards of all kinds, so you should include it on your to-do list if you haven't seen them yet.  Today we present a list of award-winning productions to watch on Netflix: The Sinner, Unorthodox, Godless.


It is a German-American web television drama miniseries that debuted on the Netflix streaming platform on March 26, 2020. The series was inspired by and loosely based on Deborah Feldman's 2012 autobiography “Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots.” It was co-produced by Real Film Berlin and Studio Airlift, distributed by Netflix, produced by Alexa Karolinski, written by Anna Winger, Alexa Karolinski and Daniel Hendler, directed by Maria Schrader and shot in Berlin. Its leading actors are Shira Haas,? Amit Rahav and Jeff Wilbusch.

Godless< /strong>

It is an American television series created by Scott Frank for Netflix.1? It is a mini series of seven episodes whose production began in Santa Fe in September 2016 and premiered globally on Netflix on November 22, 2017.

“An outlaw terrorizes the Wild West while searching for a former member of his gang, who has found refuge in a quiet town dominated by women,” explains the official synopsis on Netflix. 

The Sinner



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