The Crown season 5: stormy divorce, death of Diana… the actors say more about the Netflix series

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Charles and Diana's performers give hints as to how the events of Season 5 of the Netflix series The Crown.

From the first season released in 2016 on Netflix, viewers fell in love with The Crown, a series focusing on the recent history of the British Royal Family and more specifically on the reign of Elizabeth II. If the series has been a hit since the death of the Queen of England last September,The Crown may still be talked about because of the major events that will be depicted in the two new seasons.

Although the series will end with season 6 and therefore avoid featuring the death of the queen, season 5 will deal with other major events . In the 90s, many members of the famous family have divorced, such as Prince Andrew and Princess Anne, but the most publicized divorce is of course that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana,a separation that created a huge controversy and which will be the heart of this new season.

The other crucial event of this new season and probably the most controversial will obviously be the death of Diana Spencer. Dealing with a death that even today remains quite mysterious and still sparks conspiracy theories seems to be the big challenge for Peter Morgan, the showrunner of the series, and the screenwriters.

It's tradition, season 5 will feature new actors. While the Queen is played by the fabulous Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter, Downton Abbey), Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor, the interpreters of Diana and Charles, give way to Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West. Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, the new Prince Charles said:

“In all divorces there are two points of view, and particularly in this one. On Diana's side, Charles is the villain of the story and I think Peter Morgan's screenplay partly reflects that point of view. , but that it also deals with what Charles thinks about it. I wanted to play the emotional truth that comes out of this divorce, what happens when a marriage breaks up. I think in this particular case, you'll see the two points of view and that neither is to blame.”

According to Dominic West, the new season of The Crown will not choose to deal with one point of view more than another, but to give both versions of events, a necessary choice to try not to take sides even if it seems almost obvious that the spectators will prove Diana right. Incidentally, previous seasons have managed to show that Charles, despite his arrogance, was also a victim and that marrying Diana was just a big mistake. Also interviewed by the American media, Elizabeth Debicki indicated that Diana's destiny will be carefully staged:

“I will say that Peter Morgan and the whole team do their best to really handle everything with sensitivity, truth and complexity, just like the actors. The amount of research, attention, conversations and dialogue is simply enormous and it's something that you don't notice from the viewer's point of view. From my very first meeting with Peter, I knew that I 'entered a space where everything was taken seriously and with kindness.”

Despite the probable tweezers taken by the team, choices will have to be made and it is certain that a controversy will ensue, especially since Prince Charles is now Charles III King of England and that his reputation, already not very pretty, risks being tarnished. See you on November 9, 2022 on Netflix to find out the turn of events.

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