The Crown season 5: the Netflix series offers a royal trailer

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Netflix has unveiled a regal trailer for The Crown Season 5.

Considered by Queen Elizabeth II as an “annus horribilis” or horrible year in the text, 1992 sounded the death knell for the marriages of Charles and Diana on the one hand, and Anne and Mark Phillips on the other (i.e. the children elders of the British sovereign) while the famous Windsor Castle was partly ravaged by fire. A troubled period during which intimate scandals concerning the crown erupted as Elizabeth II's popularity rating was undermined in favor of her son's former spouse, Diana.

However, the first trailer of season 5 dated The Crown hinted at a terrible battle which could undoubtedly refer to this famous annus horribilis. Since then, while The Crowna hit on Netflix following the death of Elizabeth II, we expected a little more detail on this season 5, which has had a long gestation. But fans of the series created by Peter Morgan and Stephen Daldry can rejoice today, a new trailer for season 5 of The Crown has just been unveiled by Netflix.

With this video, doubts about the era treated in this season 5 fade instantly since the trailer opens with images of the fire at Windsor Castle. The year 1992 will therefore be the center of attention, at least for the first episodes. Because, when we dwell on other elements present in the trailer, we guess that this season will extend well after 1992. Indeed, the interview of Diana which is presented to us furtively took place in 1995.

Moreover, still according to this trailer, the stakes of the fight between Diana and her husband should constitute the heart of the story. Furthermore, will this season 5 end with the tragic accident of the Princess of Wales?

The presence in the casting of Khalid Abdalla as Dodi Fayed tends to confirm this hypothesis. If this is the case, we hope a lot from the treatment of the event by Peter Morgan, since the screenwriter had already attacked, with Stephen Frears, the death of Diana (and especially the reaction of the queen following the tragedy), on the occasion of the superb The Queen.

We therefore wait closes these new episodes of The Crown, two years after a season 4 dedicated to the Thatcher years. This poignant trailer increases our impatience a little more. The Crown season 5 will land this November 9 on Netflix.

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