The current weather forecast for the winter months. Biting frost and snow can harm crops

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Another weather forecast for this year's winter season has been circulated in the media.

 The current weather forecast for the winter months. Gritty frost and snow can harm the crops

As we can associate, the press repeatedly updated the weather forecast for the coming winter. We ask about it was also Krzysztof Jackowski, a clairvoyant from Człuchów, but he was not able to say much about the whole winter season.

We will not avoid biting frost and snowdrifts?

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As we will establish the media, the winter months in 2022 were not to be too burdensome and frosty, but sprinkled with positive temperatures and rainfall. Meanwhile, Super Express gives another version of the meteorologist's predictions for the upcoming winter.

Many Polish residents look at the weather forecasts in the context of winter with concern, because we hear about the energy crisis and the imminent shortage of us from everywhere. heating.

According to the AccuWeather meteorologist, the cool front, due to arrive from the Pacific in a few weeks, will draw with it bitter frost, heavy snowfall and lightning strikes.

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As it turns out, gloomy forecasts will apply mainly to other European countries , while Poland can expect the so-called winter episodes, during which our country will be hit by sudden and temporary attacks of winter.

Such unexpected atmospheric changes may affect winter crops, which worries the grower. . Due to the above forecasts, the harvest may turn out to be much poorer and, as a result, prices will soar again, but having lived in Poland for years, we know that each year we have a real mix of weather conditions during winter and the rest of the year.

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