The Dark Knight: while waiting for The Batman, Christopher Nolan tackles Marvel and the big studios

The Dark Knight: while waiting for The Batman, Christopher Nolan tackles Marvel and the big studios


Christopher Nolan tours magazines to promote a book about his career. He took the opportunity to tackle the infernal machine of the studios.

During a summer of anthology, in full shortage of blockbusters, Christopher Nolan established himself as the providential savior with Tenet , his last spy film. In front of him, no superheroes to compete with him, just a few New Mutants not really able to challenge the master in his frantic race to the top of the global box office.

Riding on this positive wave, the British director continues interviews in many American magazines to promote The Nolan variations , his biography signed Tom Shone (and published on November 3, 2020 ). In a suspended moment of self-congratulation, the master has also sought to highlight his trilogy of the Dark Knight, by slipping a subtle attack on the big shiny super-heroic machines.

The genesis of the most antiheroic of superheroes

It was during an interview with the American magazine IndieWire that he said:

“It was a good time to tell the story I wanted to make. The story of Batman's origins had never really been covered in a movie, or even completely in the comics. There were no lines. precise to follow, there was a hole to be filled in the history of the films. Superman on the other hand, had a very clear trajectory, driven by Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner. This version with Batman has never been told before. So we could tell the story of this extraordinary character in an ordinary world.

The other advantage we had at the time was that we could take more time between sequels. When we made Batman Begins, we didn't know we would be doing one more and it took three years to do it, then another four years to make the next one. We had the luxury of time. It didn't look like a cash machine for a studio. As the superheroic genre strives for success, these pressures become more and more important. It was the right time. “

Not just a studio doggie, okay ??

It's hard to prove the director wrong, especially when you look at the speed at which the Marvel Cinematic Universe connects projects and sequels. Chadwick Boseman died suddenly less than three months ago but never mind, Black Panther 2 is already in the pipes. An absolutely infernal machine that only a tragic pandemic seems to be able to stop.

That said, his statement can also elicit a few yellow chuckles. As we know, Christopher Nolan is very close to the bosses of Warner, which notably allowed him to impose the release of his film in full deconfinement while all the other studios were ostrich. Denouncing the cash machine of the studios is a bit strong when you yourself are a pure American studio product, a cinematographic figure tailor-made to systematically explode the box office.

Batman looks to the future

We can nevertheless recognize all that Nolan brought to the figure of the Dark Knight. We cannot take away the effectiveness of the story he built: today, it is impossible to think of Batman without imagining the dark and taciturn bat camped by Christian Bale. Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves will therefore have a lot to do with The Batman, to impose their vision of a batman who is younger and more tortured still. For now, the film's release is set for March 2, 2022. Patience, patience …

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