The daughter of till Lindemann touched by the network

The singer Svetlana Loboda has released a touching family photo.

In the picture she hugs the youngest daughter Tilda (may she reaches two years old) that gave birth to the soloist Rammstein till Lindemann, but still it is not confirmed.

The eldest daughter Loboda Evangelina Lewandowski (from the former civil husband Svetlana, choreographer Andrew) gently kisses the little sister.

Дочь Тилля Линдеманна умилила сеть

Daughter Svetlana Loboda Tilda and Evangelina

“Unconditional love”, signed photograph of a child artist.

Дочь Тилля Линдеманна умилила сеть

Svetlana Loboda with her daughters Tilde and me, was really exciting

In comments to a snapshot subscribers fell asleep Loboda and her daughters lovely comments, compliments and hearts.

“These ponytails”, “really cute”, “Princess”, “Beautiful”, “Charming”, – write fans of the singer.

Дочь Тилля Линдеманна умилила сеть

Дочь Тилля Линдеманна умилила сеть

In addition, the singer said it was her best photo.

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