The demand for crossovers in Europe has reached record levels

Спрос на кроссоверы в Европе достиг рекордного уровня

According to research company Jato dynamics, October 2019 was the best for the segment of crossovers and SUVs in the European market over the last 10 years. The share of these vehicles in the total volume of newly registered vehicles exceeded 40% (484,4 thousand pieces, plus 22%). Only in October in Europe sold 1 million 208,7 thousand new cars, which is 8% more than last year’s result.

In addition to the SUV segment, high demand began to use electric and hybrid cars: they added 32 and 29%, respectively. A record growth of 79% recorded in the class plug-in hybrids — cars that have a Jack for recharging the battery, for example, from the usual outlets. In General, the segment of electrified vehicles in October increased by 41% and took almost 10% of all new cars.

The Volkswagen Group increased its market share to 25.1% — 4.4 points, and this is a record increase among all automakers. A number of manufacturers — Hyundai-Kia, Mazda, Renault-Nissan, Tesla and Toyota in total was able to add only 1%.

The most popular car in Europe in October was the Volkswagen Golf (34.4 thousand machines, plus 6.4 percent). With close to one another results in second and third place took the Renault Clio (19.6 thousand negative 17.4%) and VW Polo (19.2 thousand, minus 7.8%). Only 300 registered vehicles less Ford Fiesta (18.9 thousand, minus 9,5%) and VW Tiguan climbed to fifth place, becoming the most popular crossover in Europe (18.5 thousand pieces, plus 22.1 per cent).

Analysts attributed the October growth in the market with poor demand for new cars in the fall of 2018, when entered into force the law on the new standard for determining the fuel consumption and emissions. For the first ten months, the number of registered cars is still lower than the same period 2018: 13 million 284,6 thousand pieces and minus 0.9%.

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